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EmpowHER: Excelling in Finance and Tech

This webinar was recorded live on Tuesday, March 12, 2024. In this webinar, moderated by Vicky Sanders, Chief Digital Officer at OpenFin, we welcome speakers:

  • Teodora Druga, Product Manager, LSEG
  • Mary Beth Sweeney, VP of Product Management, LTX, A Broadridge Company
  • Hannah Griller, Director, DSCi3 Quantitative and Technology Services, RBC Capital Markets
  • Alexandra Mysak, Director of Sales - Financial Services, Databricks

To further show our support, OpenFin has donated $10/qualified attendee to the Girls Who Code organization.

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Vicky Sanders
Chief Digital Officer, OpenFin

Teodora druga LSEG

Teodora Druga
Product Manager, LSEG

Hannah Griller -RBC

Hannah Griller
Director, RBC Capital Markets

Mary Beth Sweeney

Mary Beth Sweeney
VP of Product Manager, LTX - A Broadridge Company

Alexandra Mysak-databricks

Alexandra Mysak
Director of Sales, Databricks