Boost Contact Center Efficiency: Explore the Toggle Tax Calculator.

Understand how our Toggle Tax Calculator helps quantify time savings for agents when they switch between applications, a phenomenon also known as the 'Toggle Tax'.


Forrester Report

Our research and the Forrester report on agents' time and energy were the basis for the calculations presented above.

35 %
Of agents time was searching for information.
15 %
Of agents time was spent duplicating data from app to app or performing repetitive, manual tasks.
10 %
Of agents time was spent trying to get in touch with subject matter experts.

Introducing OpenFin Workspace

Built in collaboration with leading Enterprises, OpenFin provides solutions that collectively enable a secure, unified and turnkey intelligent workspace solution designed to increase individual and group productivity and provide a stable, secure and compliant solution for the modern work environment.

Higher Agent Productivity

Contact center agents currently dedicate roughly 15% of their time to the tedious task of manually re-entering data across various applications - a process that is not only time-consuming but also prone to errors.

By leveraging OpenFin's interoperability capabilities, organizations can significantly reduce the amount of time spent on such manual data entry.

OpenFin enables seamless automation of data flows between applications, ensuring that information is synchronized and updated without the need for repetitive input.

This not only streamlines operations, allowing agents to focus on more valuable tasks such as customer engagement and problem-solving, but also minimizes the potential for data inaccuracies.

With OpenFin's solution, agents can enjoy a more efficient work process, while companies benefit from the increased productivity and improved data integrity, fostering a more dynamic and responsive contact center environment.

Accelerate Agent Onboarding

Typically, the process of onboarding a new agent into a contact center can span an average of 70 days - a substantial period that can impact operational efficiency.

By implementing a unified workspace that integrates all necessary tools and information, complemented by guided workflows, the onboarding experience becomes significantly streamlined.

New agents can navigate their tasks with greater ease, leading to a faster and more competent mastery of their roles. Moreover, with this cohesive and user-friendly approach, not only is the learning curve reduced, but agents can also deliver quality service much sooner, enhancing overall productivity and effectiveness in the workplace.

Platform Benefits

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Unify Tasks Across the Workspace

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A Browser Built for Work

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Centralize Notifications Across the Workspace

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All the Tools You Need—In One Place

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Increase Customer Satisfaction


Minimize “Search” & “Switch” Time


Create Focus Through Dynamic Notifications


Enterprise-Grade Security