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Boost KYC/AML Productivity by 40% with OpenFin

Cost savings and business benefits enabled by OpenFin.

Executive Summary

Knowledge workers have a user experience problem.

Regulators around the world expect companies to operate robust KYC/AML processes, firms who fail to meet the high expectations of their home regulator face significant fines and penalties which in turn can cause reputational damage. Despite years of technical investments, teams are still using an average of 12-20 apps (in-house, 3rd party, native, etc.) to complete their client onboarding and ongoing monitoring workflows in this important area.

In this case study, you will learn about the productivity gains enabled by OpenFin Workspace. OpenFin's versatile platform for deploying and managing apps has become the de facto choice for enhancing productivity and streamlining workflows for global financial institutions, the U.S. intelligence community, and call centers across various sectors. 

Learn How OpenFin Helps Enterprises:

  • Reduce manual clicks in KYC/AML workflows by up to 85%
  • Save up to 45 seconds per minute for completing KYC/AML tasks

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